After Ukraine's independence, the problems of children's disability opened up to the society, the stable growth of which was caused by the Chornobyl catastrophe.


There is an urgent need to provide this contingent of children with timely rehabilitation, which would help to eliminate or compensate for the limitations of life, to restore full social status. There were no institutions in Ukraine at that time that could provide comprehensive rehabilitation for children with disabilities. Therefore, in 1992 the pediatrician of Chernihiv V. I. Pasichnyk and pediatric neurologist N. L. Zenchenko developed the Concept for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities, which was reviewed in scientific institutions of Kyiv and received their approval.

DrP DrNatalia


The main goal was to overcome the departmental diversity of services recognized to provide assistance to children with disabilities. It became possible to solve the problem by creating a new type of institution. To implement the Concept, on May 4, 1993, the mayor's office registered the Center of Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children "Revival". Its goal was to create a health care facility for comprehensive medical, psychological and social rehabilitation of children with disabilities and children at risk, whose health threatens disability.

The period from the birth of the idea to its practical implementation was significant in time. Beginning in 1994, the Center began to implement a joint program with foreign organizations to receive and provide humanitarian assistance, without which the establishment of the Center and ensuring its viability would be impossible. The Charitable Support of the Center was started by the organization "Forgotten Children" - leaders Mrs. Nina Rogerson and Mr. Richard Robinson,

Nina Richard


which later involved other charitable organizations from the United Kingdom for cooperation. Namely, "British Help for Deprived Children" - led by Mr. George Mills and Mrs. Marion Mills;

Marion George

"Felsted Aid for Deprived Children" - chaired by Mr. Alan Hilar and Ms. Pauline Craven,

Alan Polin

and the family of Mr. Chris and Mrs. Priscilla Brever

 Chris Priscilla

and hundreds of concerned British citizens. 

The  Life Nets from the United States, led by Mr. Victor Kubik and Mrs. Beverly Kubik, has provided and continues to provide assistance.

Victor Beverly


The Center was co-founded by the Belgian charity RECHT OP TOEKOMST (right for the future), led by Mr Jacques Vandenbroek and Mrs Sabina Floreal.

Jacques Sabina

The Center was established with the active support of local authorities, which provided part of the old premises of the preschool. The benefactors financed the costs of reconstruction of the premises and equipping with rehabilitation equipment. Even now, in 20 years, they continue to provide material support to the Center. In June 1996, after the establishment of the appropriate base and training of specialists, the Center received the first patients. It was the first non-governmental non-profit institution of comprehensive rehabilitation of children with disabilities in Ukraine.



Over the years of practical activity, the Center has passed important stages of formation and improvement. The center is accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the highest category. The experience and implemented methods of rehabilitation were positively evaluated by scientists, statesmen, heads of the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and recommended for implementation in other regions of Ukraine. According to Dr. Martin Bucks (London), President of the European Academy of Child Disability and Professor Gregory O'Brien (Newcastle) of the Department of Evolutionary Psychiatry at the University of Northumbria, in June 2003, experts from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) drew positive conclusions for Ukraine. the state of the organization of rehabilitation of children with disabilities.


Providing the Center with highly qualified specialists, the introduction of modern methods has helped to increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation of seriously ill children. In 2001, the regional state administration took into account the positive results of the work of the institution and considered the results of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On approval of the concept of early social rehabilitation of children with disabilities". .   However, the department could not meet the needs of children with disabilities throughout the Chernihiv region. Then the regional state administration issued an order to open a state institution on the basis of the regional branch in September 2006 - the "Regional Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children" with an inpatient department for 30 children from remote areas of the region. And since 2013, as a result of the first stage of the Center's reconstruction - the completion of a separate dormitory for 60 people, the number of children covered by rehabilitation has increased from 580 to 1120 per year.    In 2017, in order to improve and ensure further highly effective comprehensive rehabilitation of children with mental and physical disabilities, the second stage of reconstruction of the Center was completed, which included the extension of a modern hydro complex with swimming pool and whirlpool baths, expansion of food, areas for children, classes with their parents, psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation, cultural events.   So, today in the city of Chernihiv we have a modern rehabilitation complex: for children of the city of Chernihiv and children from other regions of Ukraine there is a non-governmental non-profit health care center "Complex Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities" Revival ", and for children of the region - its logical continuation - communal institution "Regional Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities" Revival "of Chernihiv Regional Council


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