Procedure and conditions of enrollment /deduction

Dear parents!

To receive comprehensive rehabilitation (habilitation) services, one of the parents / legal representative of a child with a disability submits the following documents to the structural unit for social protection at the place of residence (stay):

  1. application for the provision of comprehensive rehabilitation services (habilitation);
  2. individual rehabilitation program issued by the medical-consultative commission of the medical-preventive institution;
  3. conclusion of the medical-consultative commission of the treatment-and-prophylactic institution (for children under the age of three who belong to the risk group for disability) with recommendations for comprehensive rehabilitation (habilitation) in the institution;
  4. child's birth certificate;
  5. extract from the medical card of an outpatient (inpatient) patient (form №027 / o);

The local authority within five working days informs about the decision to refer to a comprehensive rehabilitation (habilitation). Upon completion of the comprehensive rehabilitation (habilitation) course, the center issues a certificate to the recipient or his / her legal representative on the provided rehabilitation services and the results of the comprehensive rehabilitation (habilitation), a copy of which is sent to the local authority.

In the application for the provision of rehabilitation services to your child, it is necessary to indicate the desired place of receipt of our institution and your contact phone number.

The center does not take children whose health makes it impossible to carry out rehabilitation measures, namely with the following medical contraindications:

  • acute infectious diseases before the end of the isolation period;
  • all diseases in the acute stage and infectious form;
  • frequent seizures and their equivalents;
  • diseases that are accompanied by severe behavioral disorders that are dangerous for the child and his environment.

Children can be expelled from the regional center:

- at the request of parents / legal representatives;

- in case of violation of discipline, including non-compliance with rehabilitation measures;

- with exacerbation of the main or concomitant diseases.

Based on the decision of the rehabilitation commission, the child retains a place in case of illness, quarantine, illness or leave of parents and (or) legal representatives, as well as in the summer, but not more than 60 calendar days.

The term of the rehabilitation course is determined by the rehabilitation commission after conducting the relevant examination of the Child.


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