Medical and physical rehabilitation services:

  1. Consultations and examinations of doctors:
  •  pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences, the highest category;
  •  pediatrician, highest category;
  •  pediatric neurologist, highest category;
  •  pediatric psychiatrist, highest category;
  •  doctor-neurologist (electroneuromyography), the highest category;
  •  pediatric neurologist (electroencephalography), first category;
  •  pediatric orthopedist-traumatologist, first category;
  •  doctor - physiotherapist, highest category;
  •  physiotherapist, first category;
  •  doctor - pediatric dentist, first category.
  1. Functional diagnostic measures:
  •  Electroencephalography;
  •  Electroneuromyography;
  1. Physiotherapy procedures:
  •  hydrokinesiotherapy in the pool;
  •  massage (classical, acupressure, segmental, vacuum, vibromassage, electrostatic Hivamat)),
  •  water treatments (baths (pearl and with medicinal impurities), bubble foot bath with medicinal impurities), shower cabin, underwater shower massage;
  •  electrotherapy (electrical stimulation, electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, galvanization, amplipulse therapy, laser speech stimulation, electrosleep);
  •  thermal procedures (paraffin-ozokerite, bischofite, peloidotherapy),
  •  inhalation.

4. Activities of exercise rooms:

  •  individual and group classes in physical therapy;
  •  gait training with the help of the simulator "Dynamic parapodium", reflex-loading device "Gravistat";
  •  verticalization of gait with the formation of the correct position of the spine with the help of suits "Atlant";
  •  active-passive rehabilitation of arms and legs of children with movement disorders on the Motomed simulator;
  •  gait correction on the computer complex "Locomotive";
  •  development of motor skills with the help of a universal cabin for suspended therapy (rehabilitation cage) "Spider";
  •  classes on children's simulators;
  •  kinesiotaping;
  •  classes in a ball bath (dry swimming);
  •  classes on Evminov's prophylaxis;
  •  dance and movement therapy.
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5. Drug therapy prescribed by a specialist.

 Carrying out of complex drug therapy is caused by the fact that in the regional center seriously ill children with defeat of the neuropsychic sphere in combination with somatic diseases (2 - 6 each child) undergo rehabilitation.

  1. Provision of palliative care services.



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