The Chernihiv Regional Council’s  Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities “Revival” was opened in 2006 on the basis of the non-governmental non-profit Health Institution Center “Revival”, which has been providing rehabilitation services to children in Chernihiv since 1996.

Today, a complex with a joint rehabilitation base operates at the same time, the capacity of which allows to provide rehabilitation services to 275 children daily. In addition, such an integrated model of combining the efforts of both institutions - state and non-state provides an opportunity to optimize human resources, expand material opportunities to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation of children with disabilities and children at risk of disability.

Chernihiv and out-of-town children with indications for rehabilitation are admitted to the Health Care Center of the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities "Revival". Children with disabilities, children under 3 years of age (inclusive), who belong to the risk group for disability, living in Chernihiv and the region use the services of the municipal institution "Regional Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities" Revival "Chernihiv Regional Council, which belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Social Policy and social protection bodies.


The purpose of both institutions is to implement a set of rehabilitation measures aimed at prevention and correction of developmental disorders of a child with disabilities, a child at risk of disability, training in basic social and domestic skills, development of abilities, creating conditions for integration into society.

Both institutions provide temporary stay in an outpatient or inpatient setting for children who have appropriate medical indications and need special conditions to receive a set of rehabilitation measures. 

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Indications for treatment at the Center.

Participants in the rehabilitation process are children with disabilities, children under 3 years (inclusive), their parents or legal representatives, rehabilitation teachers, speech therapists, assistants to rehabilitation teachers, educators, practical psychologists, social educators, music teachers, instructors in physical education, social workers, pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, pediatric psychiatrists, pediatric orthopedist, pediatric physiotherapist, physiotherapist, pediatric dentist, nurses, massage nurses, nurse medical nutritionist, junior medical staff and other professionals are involved in the process of providing rehabilitation services.

Center structure:

1) administration;
2) department of early rehabilitation (habilitation)
3) department of social rehabilitation;
4) department of psychological rehabilitation;
5) department of pedagogical rehabilitation;
6) department of physical rehabilitation;
7) department of Occupational Therapy and Vocational Guidance;
8) medical rehabilitation department;
9) department of round-the-clock stay
10) social patronage service;
11) economic support department;
12) food block department.


Children have the opportunity to receive services in the form of several modes depending on the wishes of parents and the peculiarities of the child's development.


The Rehabilitation Center Revival provides services to 30 children simultaneously in the form of a 21-day rehabilitation course, with a day visit. Children from other cities have the opportunity to live around the clock with an accompanying person in specially equipped rooms in the center.

Advantages of receiving services on the basis of the Chernihiv Center "Revival":

1. Children receive comprehensive rehabilitation with the use of various equipment, including high-tech, the use of modern techniques by highly qualified specialists.
2. Children can receive this help not from 3-4 years of age, but from the first days of life (early purposeful complex influence on the child's development).
3. Groups of children in the center are sometimes the only possible place for children with severe developmental disabilities.
4. Short-term child groups help integrated children to become more successful in mainstream institutions.
5. Children with incurable progressive diseases have the opportunity to receive palliative care services.
6. Parents, starting to receive qualified help from the center's specialists, make more informed decisions about the further educational or rehabilitation route of their child.
7. According to the concept of comprehensive rehabilitation, which is being developed on the basis of the center, the goal is not only to restore physical health, but also to establish the personal and social status of children.
8. The process of complex rehabilitation is based on the principle of organizational and technological combination of medical, psychological and socio-pedagogical rehabilitation programs.

The specialists of the Center are regular participants and speakers at scientific and practical conferences, symposia, including international ones. Reports of specialists on methods of work are published in special editions; work experience is disseminated through the media. The center constantly cooperates with local authorities, state institutions of the city and region in the direction of expansion of rehabilitation services and their coverage of children with special needs.

The mode of operation of the center

The regional center has a five-day working week with two days off - Saturday and Sunday, in addition to the department of round-the-clock stay. The  Rehabilitation Center "Revival" works from Monday till Saturday.

The work of child care staff (directly rehabilitation services) begins at 8.00 am and ends at 6.00 pm.

Work on Saturday is provided by the rotation of staff on shift schedules from 8.00 to 14.00.

Lunch Break:

from 12.30 to 13.00 - for medical and pedagogical workers;

from 13.00 to 13.30 - for employees of the administration.



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The purpose of the Centre is to implement a set of rehabilitation measures aimed at the prevention and correction of developmental disorders of a child with a disability, a child whose condition is at risk of disability


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