"Give me a paw, my friend!"

"We have no words that could express at the same time dedication,
courage and intelligence - all those wonderful qualities that owns dog"


For about 50-years there is a theory of dog-therapy or "kanis therapy" - treatment with dogs. Specially trained dogs help children with special needs to know the world, communicate with it, love it. The dog is not only the friend, and even acts as a doctor.

Kanis therapy affects different areas of child development: physiology, communication, attention and coordination. During specially organized classes dogs give children endless happiness. Even the closed heart of a child melts of boundless joy and tenderness, which gives dog. Communication of a special child with a dog (required supervised cynologist-kanisterapevt) promotes the development of motor skills, sensory sensations, emotional, relieves muscle tension and psychological stress conditions, and reduces anxiety.
Given the possibilities of this method, the center "Revival" in August of the last year introduced its active use. Kane Corso dog breed for the treatment of children at the Center suggested local businessman - owner of the chain stores' cat and dog. "
The entrepreneur and his family bring specially trained dog to the center twice a week, money for the "rent" of course, do not take. Classes are held in the hall of psychological relief program developed by psychologist of the centre V. I. Mozgovoy and pediatrician Klim V. V.
Large, brownish "doctor" has a nickname Nika. The dog is five years old. Classes last for 60 minutes. The group - three or four children with various disabilities: autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, delayed speech or mental development. Classes are collective and individual. Dog handler Michael Kulko, who was bringing-up the dog from three months, gives her commands and invites to play with this therapist children: to go along with Nika in the hall, give Nika the ball, jump with the rope together, relax together with the animal, feed it from hands, pat or comb it.
In the introductory class children curiously examine the dog, and already during following meetings contact with Nika more loosing children, soothing, causing trust for a new friend. Reserved children become more open, hyperactive - more calm. Children with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system get motivation for movement, they want to come and pat Nika, get in touch with her. Children with language delays are trying to call Nika , to give her a command.
The dog behaves very friendly and calm, no roaring, sudden movements that might frighten a child. It seems as if she understands that these kids need help from her and trust. It is important that children do not accept this communication as a treatment, they just enjoy, glad to meet tailed friend. Interestingly, the dog also rejoices together with children playing, and most importantly - motivates children to move, not limiting emotions.

Positive results of such methods are impressive - a few months working with a dog for many children have significant improvement in their psychological state, behavior change, overcome of a sense of self-doubt, produced new positive impression of their capabilities.


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