International Day of People with Disabilities

Ukraine celebrates the International Day of People with Disabilities every year on December 3 as a reminder to humanity of its duty to show care and mercy to the most vulnerable part of society - people with disabilities.  This date is special for the "Revival" Centre, because the activities of its team focus specifically on the problems of children with disabilities.

The day before, Zhanna Sherstyuk - Deputy Head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration, Valentina Lugova - Director of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, as well as representatives of the "Wings of the Country" Charitable Foundation visited the "Revival" Centre the day before.

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During the concert program, the staff of the "Revival" Centre, children and their parents expressed their sincere gratitude to all those who chose to care for this category of people as their life's work, for their hard work and daily help in overcoming difficulties.

 The full-scale war with the russian aggressor has made adjustments to the daily life of millions of Ukrainians, including children, who bravely endure the horrors of war together with adults.  Despite all the difficulties, rehabilitation remains available for every child with a disability.  We, the center's staff, feel constant support from the regional leadership, their concern for children.

It is worth paying tribute to volunteers, charitable organizations and foundations, patrons, whose efforts are aimed at providing children with the most necessary: ​​warm clothes and shoes, products, baby food, medicines, personal hygiene products, technical means of rehabilitation, etc.  For seriously ill children, help is provided on a case-by-case basis.

 A huge thank you for your attention, sincere support in difficult times for our country!  As long as such people live and work, our nation of Ukrainians will live as well.


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