English philanthropists helped to make a talented young man's dream come true

Children who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Revival Center constantly feel kindness and care from English philanthropists.  Thanks to the effective help of English charitable organizations, the most diligent and talented children have the opportunity to do their hobbies, fully develop and participate in public life.

So, a very necessary and expensive ultralight wheelchair for dancing was made in England on the order from representatives of the British charity "Felsted Aid for deprived children" specifically for 17-year-old Daniel Gyrchuk, who has been professionally dancing for 5 years.

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Daniel  has been undergoing rehabilitation courses at the Center since he was 6 years old.  After a difficult operation, the boy lost the ability to walk independently.  However, with the support of his family, he tried to live a full life - he attended public school, was actively involved in swimming.  For 10 years he was receiving rehabilitation services at the Centre.
 In 2012, Daniel  came to the Megadence dance group for the first time and started dancing in a wheelchair.  Purposefulness, perseverance, great diligence allowed Daniel to achieve high results not only in swimming but also in dancing.  From each festival, competition of national and even international significance, Daniel was returning with a well-deserved award.

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Now Daniel is the  Candidate for Master of Sports of Ukraine in sports dances in wheelchairs.  He also achieved great success in swimming - since 2014 he is a Master of Sports and every year - a winner of Ukrainian championships.

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At the end of last year, the social teachers of the Revival  Center, once again visiting Daniel at home, in communication with Daniel and his parents, found out that in order to expand the capabilities of his son, there is a need of a specialized, lightweight wheelchair for dancing.  After all, behind the bright victories are many hours of training and incredible efforts.  The wheelchair on which the boy was moving was old and not suitable for dancing any more.  Social teachers asked the director of the Center to help Daniel to buy such a cart.

 In a letter to English friends, Vasyl Ivanovych Pasichnyk described the problem and turned to the Center's permanent sponsors for help, as representatives of the English charity Felsted Aid for Deprived Children (leaders Alan Hilliar and Pauline Craven)AlanPolin

  presented a special dance wheelchair to Nastya Laletina.  The girl has achieved significant success in sports dances in wheelchairs, now she is professionally engaged in sports - cross-country skiing and biathlon.
 Of course, the British immediately responded to help and supported the persistence and diligence of the gifted child - ordered the manufacture of a special individual wheelchair for Daniel  in England.  For two weeks we were consulting  with Daniel’s father Anatoliy about the specific features of the wheelchair, individual parameters to take into account all the needs and wishes of the boy.  In two months the wheelchair  was ready!  Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, they were able to deliver it to the Center only now.  And so it happened on December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the director of the Center - Vasyl Ivanovych Pasichnyk performed an honorable mission and handed over a brand new dance wheelchair  to Daniel. 


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The young man immediately appreciated the benefits of the new means of transportation, performing dance pas, noted its lightness and maneuverability.  Daniel is a student at Chernihiv Polytechnic National University and is studying computer engineering.  He is planning to connect his future professional activity with computers, but plans to continue dancing and sports.  The persistence and diligence of the young man, his incredible zest for life is an example to follow.  We sincerely wish Daniel great inspiration, many new victories and a successful life path!

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