Dog-doctor Lily

Since 2011 in Chernihiv regional center of social rehabilitation of disabled children "Revival" we have classes of Canister therapy. Canister therapy - a type of therapy with animals - treatment and rehabilitation, using specially trained dogs.


The initiators of this method at the center became a private entrepreneur, owner of the company «Collar», Yuri Sinitsa ( and candidate of Psychological Science Viktor Mozgoviy.


They decided that this method is efficient and effective in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. His own specially prepared dog of the breed cane-corso Nicka for playing with sick children offered Yuri Sinitsa. For a long time, from 2011 to 2016, Nicka was a success and favorite rehabilitation process for children at the Center. But Nicka "retired." The results were so impressive of this technique that Yuri made every effort to prepare new special dog. Since October 2016 we started our classes again with participation of new Yuri’s "pupil" - Lily. Lily - puppy, she is less than one year old. But she is already showing good results in working with children.

Classes are held at the center in tandem between practical psychologist Eugene Vitvytskiy and dog handler Michael Kulko. This interaction enables greater control over rehabilitation environment and achieve better results.

Corrective classes are based on the principle of an integrated approach and correction using specially selected games and exercises with the dog and provide individual approach, taking into account the child's condition, age and specific needs.

Classes are held individually or in small groups.

Here are some of the areas of the work with the dog:
• Motivation.
• Reduce stress.
• Increase speech activity.
• Development of motility.
• Social and emotional development.
• Forming skills of purposeful activity.
• Work with cynophobia.

Importantly, that such help of Yuri is completely free for the Center. Training the dog, its delivery, selection of attributes for the classes are provided only through the efforts and sincere desire of Yuri Sinitsa to help sick children together with his faithful assistant - cynologist Michael Kulko.

Children, parents and all our staff wish these people infinite health and success in all endeavors and affairs. Nice to know that there are people in our city whose hearts, intentions and actions are aimed at creating good, joy, faith in a better future. They are an example for many of us.


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