To the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori

August 31, 2020 will be celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori-

 an Italian teacher, to whom, in particular, we owe the appearance of small children's desks and chairs, as well as many principles of modern pedagogy.

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"He who has seen Maria Montessori once will never forget her, and he who has heard her penetrating words, uttered in a beautiful harmonious voice, about the upbringing of young children, in the soul of that word will sound like a testament to a truly talented man." Julia Fausek



Today, the name of Maria Montessori is probably known to everyone, and her pedagogical method is in demand all over the world. Many educators and parents note that children who practice it are better able to concentrate than other peers, start reading and writing faster, become independent, creative individuals and achieve great results in various spheres of life. 31 08 2020 Montessori 1

Montessori said that nature has everything that children need for development. The main task of an adult is not to interfere. Children are able to master the world around them through independent activities, children know how and love to learn, if learning does not become violence. "Help me do it myself" is the main motto of the Montessori method. Maria Montessori has worked with children with disabilities, for whom she has created an environment that suits the needs of each child. M. Montessori's method is recognized by the educational community as effective as during the author's lifetime. Her unique method of free upbringing of children in a specially organized therapeutic environment has been actively used in the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities "Revival" since 2002, and continues to be relevant in working with children with mental and physical disabilities today. Working according to the method of M. Montessori helps to improve the results of the rehabilitation process, preparation for independent living.

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Classes according to the method of M. Montessori are carried out by a highly professional specialist, Montessori therapist, teacher-methodologist, Saenko Lydia Igorivna.

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It was she who, after 4 years of training at the Ukrainian Montessori Education Center (Kyiv), was at the origins of the introduction of this technique in the Revival center .

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It was here, first in Chernihiv, that a Montessori class was created, arranged in accordance with Maria Montessori's "prepared therapeutic environment."

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Thanks to the financial support of foreign philanthropists (Victor and Beverly Kubik, George and Marion Mills, Alan Hilar and Pauline Craven) in 2004 the class already had unique Montessori materials produced by one of the best manufacturers - the Canadian-Russian company (St. Petersburg).

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Every year, about 400 children with disabilities attend classes according to the method of Maria Montessori in a specially created therapeutic space at the Revival Center. And the "golden material of Montessori" - selected in the process of long and careful experiments manuals and materials, give amazing results of comprehensive development and education of children, contribute to the mastery of practical life skills, sensory and cognitive development. 


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