English benefactors visited the Centre

At the end of February, English benefactors visited the Centre -

Alan Hilliar is the head of the charity organization “Felsted Aid for Deprived Children", Robin Brown is the head of the organization "get involved helping others" and his brave and unsurpassed team - Michael Rothwell, Martin Magee, Robert Nixon, Brian Jiggins,  Robert Knowles, Dave Anderson, Tony Elliston.

1 03 2023 1

The charity organization of Alan and Pauline, which has been continuously helping the "Revival" Centre for 20 years, gathered a team of people who have love, mercy and faith in goodness and Ukraine in their hearts.

 During the year of the war, the team of Alan Hilliar and Pauline Craven donated almost 30 tons of essential goods for the rehabilitation centre and socially disadvantaged families, such as household items, hygiene products, food, textiles and toys for children.  We are sincerely grateful to these sensitive and caring people who help us during such difficult times for Ukrainians.

 On March 1, the children undergoing rehabilitation at the Centre met their English friends in the music hall.  Everyone was waiting for this event with special excitement.  After all, for the first time during the war, such a large team of Englishmen arrived at the Centre and there was an opportunity to gather together.

  According to a good long-standing tradition, the children together with their teachers prepared a bright musical event for the guests of honor.

To congratulate English benefactors in Chernihiv and thank them for their help and support, Valentina Lugova, Director of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, visited the Centre. 

 We started a friendly meeting by watching a short video story from the life of our centre in the first months of the war.  They remembered how they experienced the difficult times of the siege and remembered the good deeds of sincere and brave people.

 The program of the event was full of beautiful Ukrainian songs and fiery dances.  The children happily demonstrated their skills and talents and engaged the English in musical entertainment.  The meeting was permeated by warm and touching feelings of mutual respect and unity.  And the joyful and smiling children's faces gave those present positive emotions, which are extremely necessary in this difficult time of constant tension and daily challenges.

 At the end of the event, English benefactors handed all the children present in the hall: gift sets and toys.

 Everyone has their own role during the liberation of Ukraine, everyone is now holding their own front.  And we clearly know that children need a happy childhood.  With light, warmth, with the opportunity to study and live under the peaceful sky of the independent state of Ukraine.

 Great Britain is leading international efforts to support our country, including by applying strict sanctions against the aggressor, and providing military, humanitarian and economic assistance.

 We sincerely thank our English friends for believing in us, for the much-needed and effective support on the way to victory, for their sincere and responsive hearts!



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