On the basis of the regional center a new joint project took place from Anglia Raskin University

On the basis of the regional center a new joint project took place from Anglia Raskin University

The beginning of the summer for children and workers of the regional center is always full of events. During the last 4 years of this era, students from England at the University of Raskin are happy to meet here. Each visit is aimed at implementing another volunteer project, which includes providing practical assistance to the Center's staff in improving the conditions for rehabilitation of children and sharing experiences between representatives of both institutions.

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The Volunteer Program between the Center and the University of Russland, University began in 2013.


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This year, in mid-April, Tony Cant, the Chaplain of the University, and Alison Fist, a teacher, (whom we are indebted to support the idea of volunteering throughout the entire time), came to the center in order to resolve the issues of the 2017 volunteer mission.

It should be noted that the activities of volunteers every year acquires various innovations. The idea of this year's project belonged to the doctor-neurologist of the regional center Zentchenko Natalia Leonidivna. It was based on another actual pilot project, which is being implemented at the Center - the opening on the basis of a department of round-the-clock stay of the palliative unit for children with incurable progressive mental, neurological and genetic diseases. It was decided that the main efforts of this year's mission will be aimed at creating an atmosphere of coziness and favorable conditions in the palliative rooms with a zone of psychological comfort for the incurably ill children. In addition, they were waiting for daily work in groups with children, and the execution of urgent labor cases in the household.
Mission 2017 took place from 05 to 16 June. Students arrived, accompanied by Alison Fist and Victoria Bristow. It is important to note that Victoria last year took part in the mission while still was a student, and now has already arrived as a leader.

The volunteer group included young people studying at various departments of the University. Most of them already have a considerable experience of diverse volunteer activities.
Jody (age 20) - studying for a nurse, and also mastering the "Early Childhood Development" course;
Luke (18 years) - in the future, a business manager and financier, has the goal of helping people. From childhood with his parents worked as a volunteer at the Hospice St. Luke;
Stella (18 years old) - future psychologist, is interested in canis therapy;
Ivy (18 years old) - acquires the profession of "correctional teacher", is interested in the method of M. Montessori. Has experience of volunteering at a school for "special" children;
Sarita (29 years old) - is studying management. In Thailand (at home) he worked as a volunteer for the fight against prostitution.
The program was very busy. It included the main task - the arrangement of rooms palliative block. It was decided - to create a bright wall figure and decorate the uncomfortable corridor of the department, which will have seriously ill children.


As usual, on the first day of the visit, a team of volunteers came to know each other. Extremely interesting presentations, in which everyone demonstrated and told about their preferences, his family, why he is engaged in volunteering. These stories were touched by the employees of the center, because every young person wants to devote his life to people, including those with disabilities, and visit different countries in order to gain relevant experience.


During two weeks, the work was boiling very lively and inspired. With the help of experienced managers, students quickly took their positions on certain objects, each one clearly fulfilling the duties entrusted to him.


The volunteer students had the opportunity to take part in the master classes and learn how to sculpt the Ukrainian amber from the clay, together with the children they created the newspaper «Rainbow» ,


studied national Ukrainian dances, visited the city of Kiev with an excursion,


and also executed many important labor cases: painted shops and equipment for the playground, planted flowers on the flowerbed, washed the walls in the newly built pool, balls. They were joined by our students as future philologists.

An important experience of students was the experience of communicating with children with developmental problems and their parents, familiarization with methods of complex rehabilitation. Particularly this was facilitated by visits to families with social pedagogues in which there are children who are bedridden and who are registered with the address patronage of the Center.


Creative cooperation between volunteer students, staff members of the Center and, of course, children, gave an opportunity to express their feelings and attitudes towards each other and to the charity work in a music video that was shown on the eve of the return of the British home. Sincere children's concert was full of smiles, fun jokes and joint games.



Tears of parting, hugs, lots of moving pictures and words of gratitude to each other filled the atmosphere of a farewell encounter with the children.

These projects have become both sides solving relevant social queries.




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